Employment & Internships

Hoping to work at Eagle Mount Bozeman? Bookmark this page and return often! Jobs are also advertised in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and/or on the Montana Nonprofit Association website.

  • Executive Director Position                      
    • Eagle Mount is seeking an Executive Director to provide leadership for the organization. The Executive Director oversees the recreation programs that fulfill Eagle Mount’s mission, as well as overseeing fundraising, public relations, finances, risk management, and facilities among other responsibilities. A complete list of responsibilities and qualifications can be found in the Executive Director Job Description. Applicants need to have relevant experience and be passionate about Eagle Mount’s mission. Only electronic applications will be accepted; to apply, email resume and cover letter to pnixon@eaglemount.org by June 7, 2017.
  • Other Employment Opportunities
    • Eagle Mount is now hiring a part-time Aquatics Program Instructor to aid in the implementation of the aquatics program for people with disabilities and older adults. Applicants must be organized, empathetic, motivated, and passionate about Eagle Mount’s mission. Lifeguard certification, demonstrated skills in swim instruction and water aerobics, and basic computer skills needed. Bachelor’s degree in recreation, human development, or related field preferred. Previous experience working with people with disabilities and volunteers desired. To apply, email resume, cover letter, and three references to eaglemount@eaglemount.org. Read the full job description (click here) before applying. Closing Date:  When Filled.
    • If you would like to be involved by volunteering with our programs, you can find more information at: http://eaglemount.org/volunteer/why-volunteer/


Eagle Mount offers internships to undergraduate and graduate students in the following fields.  We are always happy to receive applications from students in other areas who have clear goals and objectives for interning at Eagle Mount.

  • Internship Areas
    • Community Health
    • Health and Human Development
    • Equine Science
    • Marketing and Communications
    • Nonprofit Management
    • Outdoor Education
    • Parks & Recreation
    • Program Administration & Management
    • Psychology
    • Recreation
    • Recreation for Special Populations
    • Therapeutic Riding/Equine Assisted Activities

We offer programs in every season, as well as ongoing administrative, marketing and fund raising operations to help advance your educational needs. The length of internships is determined based on both the student’s and Eagle Mount’s needs, and some programs are only available for a limited portion of the year. Internships are unpaid, and we are not able to provide housing or transportation. Carpooling may be available.

To apply for an internship, please send your resume and letter of intent, stating your goals, to eaglemount@eaglemount.org, or call 406-586-1781.

Fall Internships

During the fall, Eagle Mount offers Aquatic Therapy, Ice Skating and Therapeutic Riding programs.  For students in marketing, communications or nonprofit management, fall is an excellent time to intern as our fiscal year begins in October, our major fundraising event occurs in November, and our year-end fundraising initiatives are strong.

Winter Internships

During the winter, we offer Aquatic Therapy, Alpine and Nordic Skiing. Skiing internships are offered from the beginning of January through the end of March. As a ski intern you will be a part of the Bridger Bowl Ski Program with some opportunities to work with the cross country and Big Sky ski programs. Advanced skiing skills are required and you must have your own ski gear.

Summer Internships

Summer internships are offered from June through September. The life of a summer intern can include being a part of the Adventure Days, Equine, Swim, Saturday Night Out, Big Sky Kids and Horticulture Programs. We will want to know about your skills and experience in more than one of the activities featured in these programs.