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The EMBLEM Summer Recreation Camp will be held at Big Sky Resort September 9-13, 2019.  Participants in this 5 day camp are encouraged to bring a significant other or caregiver with them.  Big Sky offers the perfect playground as we enjoy outdoor recreation in one of the most beautiful places in the country.  Activities offered during this camp include golfing, kayaking, zip-lining, Tram Expedition, and fishing.  Participants can take part in some or all of the activities offered.  The camp also provides opportunities for participants to spend time talking and connecting with their fellow Montana veterans.

EMBLEM Summer Recreation Camp

Summer Classes & Events

Sep 9, 2019 - Sep 13, 2019

  • Currently there are no upcoming events or classes

Registration Deadline: Aug 15, 2019

Program Information

The EMBLEM (Eagle Mount Bozeman Lasting Experiences for Military) Program is designed to honor and aid our disabled veterans through adaptive recreation.   At this time EMBLEM offers two summer camps and one winter camp every year. Our first winter camp was held in 2012, and the success of that camp led to the continuation and development of the EMBLEM Program.   Participants have the opportunity to learn or relearn different outdoor recreational activities and spend time in nature.  We offer these camps to those veterans who have sustained a life altering injury in service to our country.   Our camps provide a safe and supported environment to enjoy outdoor activities alongside other veterans.  There is opportunity to share stories and make new friends, with Military service creating a common bond. Eagle Mount provides all necessary volunteer and professional support for the participants.

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