Employment & Internships

Hoping to work at Eagle Mount Bozeman? Bookmark this page and return often! Jobs are also advertised in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle and/or on the Montana Nonprofit Association website.


  • Eagle Mount is now hiring an Adventure Days Assistant Director to provide leadership for the Adventure Days programs. This is a full-time, seasonal position.  The Adventure Days Assistant Director will assist the Program Director in organizing and implementing the summer outdoor recreational programs. Applicants need to be organized, empathetic, hardworking, and passionate about Eagle Mount’s mission. They must have great skills in communication, and strong skills in at least one summer sport such as kayaking, rock climbing, or fly fishing. Knowledge of basic word processing and data base programs needed. Bachelor’s degree in health, recreation or related field, and outdoor recreation certifications are preferred. Previous experience working with people with disabilities and volunteers needed. Please read full job description (Click Here) before submitting application. To apply, email resume, cover letter, and three references to eaglemount@eaglemount.org. Closing Date: May 13, 2019.


  • Student Selection Process

The procedure for securing a student internship at Eagle Mount is as follows:

  1. Students desiring an internship will submit a resume and cover letter at preferably three months prior to starting date if possible.
  2. Based on submitted paperwork, the program supervisor will request an interview by phone or in person.
  3. The student selected for the internship will be notified at least two months prior to their starting date if possible.
  4. Provide equal consideration of prospective interns without discrimination.


  • Responsibilities of the Intern to Eagle Mount

The expectations of interns are as follows:

  1. Complete the necessary hours and weeks required by their educational institutes’ department/program/class if applicable.
  2. Complete an Eagle Mount volunteer application and background check.
  3. Participate in weekly intern and staff meetings as scheduled.
  4. Take on increasing responsibility for planning and leading.
  5. Fulfill all assignments as delegated by the intern supervisor.


  • Responsibilities of College/University to Eagle Mount

Eagle Mount expects the following involvement from the college/university:

  1. A specific faculty member will be assigned as the student’s advisor during the course of the internship.
  2. The student advisor will provide consultation to the student and program as needed.
  3. The agency will be provided with updated school internship manual or any pertinent info.


  • Responsibilities of Eagle Mount to the Intern

Eagle Mount will:

  1. Provide a formalized orientation program for the student.
  2. Provide consistent counseling and feedback to the student during the internship.
  3. Provide a final evaluation to the student and the student’s advisor.