Sponsor a Big Sky Kid

Sponsor a Big Sky Kid
Have you ever had a moment in your life where you knew you had made a difference in a person's life? Sponsoring a Big Sky Kid will open your heart to that feeling, because you will be improving the quality of life for a child battling cancer—a child with a unique story and more courage than many could fathom.

This summer, 18 children will have the chance to come to Big Sky Adventure Camp. Here they will spend ten days, with a parent, away from the stresses of cancer and immersed in an environment filled with hope, faith, compassion, and JOY!

In order to bring these children to Camp, we are asking for your help in sponsoring a Big Sky Kid.

Each summer, Eagle Mount’s Big Sky Kids program encourages children with cancer to rediscover the beauty and fun of life. Children who are diagnosed with cancer often have rigorous treatments and must leave their friends and schools to be near pediatric oncology centers. Big Sky Kids offers what today’s state-of-the-art hospitals cannot – daily adventures in the Montana outdoors, campfires at night, and seventeen other families with which to build supportive relationships and lasting friendships. Most importantly, our program creates an environment where children can be children once again.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Old Faithful Sponsorship $450
    • Help send a child to camp.
  • Gallatin River Sponsorship $800
    • Help send an out-of-state child to camp.
  • Lone Peak Sponsorship $1,500
    • Help send a child and parent to camp.
  • Greater Yellowstone Sponsorship $2,500
    • Cover the full cost of one camper.
  • Golden Eagle Sponsorship $5,000
    • Cover the full cost of child and parent.

All sponsors will be invited to attend the annual Sponsor’s Dinner that takes place at Buck’s T-4 Lodge in Big Sky, MT. There you will have the opportunity to actually meet the young person you have sponsored to come to Camp. If you are unable to make the Dinner, information about your camper will be provided to you. The beauty of this sponsorship is the ability to make a genuine difference in the life of a young person and the opportunity to really get to know who that person is.

For more information, please contact Kara Erickson, Big Sky Kids Director, at Eagle Mount: (406) 586-1781. Thank you for your interest in Big Sky Kids.