Sponsor a Horse

Sponsor a Horse
You can sponsor an Eagle Mount horse for $225 a month or in increments totaling $2,500 per year. These funds help pay for hay, grain, shoes, supplements and medication for our beloved horses.
  • Or you can give to help provide…
    • Shoes/Trim (8 times/year) – $75/30
    • Teeth Floating – $120
    • Vaccinations – $100
    • De-Worming – $25
    • Chiropractic/Body work (3 sessions)-$270
If either of these rider’s testimonials pull on your heart strings please consider participating in our sponsorship!

“Here at Eagle Mount I get a wonderful feeling of joy and happiness when I am around the horses and that spending time with Oreo and the others makes me happy. Every time I ride he makes me a better rider.”-Emi

“ I ride Jag at Eagle Mount. Jag is a very sweet horse.  I do very good on Jag.  Jag listens to my command like if I want to canter he will canter.  Jag and I get along together well.  I’m the only one that canters on him.  I love cantering because it feels like flying.”-Anna

Interested in learning more?  Give us a call or email! New information will be posted here soon on each  horse and others ways you can help!