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Get your climb on! This is your opportunity develop your strength and see how high you can go. Rock climbing often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility and balance, along with mental control. We practice safe and proper climbing techniques and use specialized climbing equipment. This program is designed to encourage positive progression in each and every participant. Currently, we do not have the ability to climb outdoors, but due to Spire’s willingness to work with us, we are able to offer an indoor climbing program. This will run in line with the two Adventure Day Sessions every Tuesday morning. Participants will need to be dropped off at the Spire Climbing Facility at 10:00am and pick up at 12:00pm. All necessary gear will be provided for the climber to rock on!

Click below for session schedules and gear list:

2018 AD Gear and Schedule Climbing

2018 Participant Schedule


2018 Spire Climbing Waiver

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Climbing Program

Program Information

Summer in Montana is time for outdoor adventures! If you love hiking, rafting, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, music, camping, and hanging out with a great group of people, Adventure Days is for you. This program offers a mix of activities that get you outdoors and moving! For the summer of 2018 we will offer two, four week sessions with the campout in the middle of July. The hope is that the new schedule will make Adventure Days available to twice as many participants. The 2018 activity schedule will be posted by May, at which time the staff will be excited to sign participants up for their adventures. Adventure Days is made possible by a grant from the Gilhousen Family Foundation.

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