General Information

General Information

Eagle Mount Fees and Costs

Eagle Mount program fees are modest, covering on average only 10% of actual program costs. This is made possible by the kindness of individuals, foundations and corporations who support Eagle Mount through generous donations and sponsorships. Eagle Mount does not seek government funding, and does not offer third party billing. Fees for each program are published annually in the Program Bulletin (also called Application Packet; found here).


Eagle Mount’s policy is that no one will be turned away because of an inability to pay. For those who qualify, a scholarship is available to cover that portion of program fees that the applicant is unable to pay. Scholarships are intended for those who are severely financially challenged, have no visible means of income or support, are wards of the state, and/or have no support through an organization, school or foster family. Each scholarship application is reviewed on an individual basis.

For the scholarship form, Click Here. *Please note: as of Fall 2018, the Scholarship Form has changed and must be submitted annually.


No refunds are available when participants miss a single class.  However, if it is necessary for a participant to drop out of a program before the halfway point, a partial refund is available.

Attendance Policy: Call 586-1781 ASAP if you are going to miss a class!

At least 24 hours is requested when a participant is unable to make it to class.  This allows us time to contact the volunteers scheduled to assist at that time.  Two unexcused absences during a program session will result in forfeiture of your place in the class.

Required paperwork

For your participant’s safety, we require that all necessary forms be completed, signed, and received by Eagle Mount before he or she will be allowed to take part in any programs. Most forms are required annually, and Eagle Mount’s ‘year’ is October-September (for example, the 2019 forms are for October 2018 to September 2019). Here is a quick reference guide to the required forms for each program: