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Exercise your body, mind, and heart.

What’s your wingspan? We empower you to discover your abilities instead of letting your disability hold you back. When you participate at Eagle Mount, you make new strides, happy memories, and good friends while enjoying Montana’s amazing recreation opportunities! Our programs and camps are designed for people of all ages with physical, developmental or cognitive disabilities, as well as for young people with cancer.

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What’s your wingspan? Our programs encourage you to get moving, forge lasting friendships, make new memories, and discover your capabilities. Uncover new skills and interests, or deepen existing ones. Whether it’s the thrill of cycling through a beautiful landscape, the freedom of gliding down a snow-covered slope, the reward of growing healthful foods, or the fulfillment of forging a connection with a horse, Eagle Mount’s many programs offer something for everyone. Explore the possibilities!


Enjoy outdoor adventures in Montana’s most inspiring landscapes. Through recreation in nature, you can “re-create” your mindset, self-image, and relationships — the most important facets of your life! Find respite from your routine, learn new skills or hone existing ones, and feel refreshed by a change of scenery. Our camps offer opportunities for hiking, fishing, zip-lining, kayaking, flying, crafting, singing, skiing, s’mores, and more. We provide camps for Eagle Mount participants and their families, young people with cancer, veterans, and mono-skiers. These experiences result in beautiful friendships and unforgettable memories.