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Here you can find our favorite videos that we love to spotlight, all conveniently gathered in one area for your viewing pleasure!

Live Stream

Check out our Live Stream of the Barn Construction.
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Syvel’s Eagle Mount Story

Syvel has made Eagle Mount a part of his home. Check out his story today

30 Years of Friendship at Bridger Bowl | Greg & Scott’s Eagle Mount story

Greg and Scott have been skiing together at Eagle Mount for over 30 years! Check out their story.

Lucy Can.

Lucy is a little bit different than other kids, but that's OK, because while there are some things Lucy can't do, there are a lot more that Lucy can.

Here, We Can

Eagle Mount continues to turn challenges into adventures for people in our community with disabilities. There are many places in the world that say we can’t but here, we can!

Eagle Mount 40th Anniversary

In 2022, Eagle Mount celebrated our 40th anniversary serving the Bozeman, Montana area

Because of You

Participants, volunteers, and donors share why Eagle Mount is a special place. We know that everyone has challenges, but at Eagle Mount, we have adventures!

What Will You Do Today?

As long as there are people with disabilities, as long as there are children who get cancer, as long as Montana has the power to heal so much and be of such great benefit to people, Eagle Mount needs to be here.


When you participate at Eagle Mount, you make new strides, happy memories, and good friends while enjoying Montana’s amazing recreation opportunities! Our programs and camps are designed for people of all ages with physical, developmental or cognitive disabilities, and for young people with cancer.


As an Eagle Mount volunteer, you’ll receive training designed to help you improve your personal skills, learn to adapt to the needs of people we work with, and learn about the wonderful world of Disability.


Eagle Mount Bozeman invites annual partnerships and sponsorships from businesses and individuals deeply invested in community, who believe that people with disabilities or cancer deserve to experience all that Montana has to offer, and who want to help them “mount up with wings as eagles.“