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Adventure Days

If you are interested in building your skills for a variety of summer activities, Adventure Days may be the program for you! We will be working on the fundamental adventuring skills of: gear management, using maps/spatial awareness, nature exploration, and teamwork. Each week will provide opportunities to practice these skills in a different setting. The program will culminate in an optional overnight trip at the end of the summer where you get to implement what you’ve learned alongside your Adventure Days friends. Adventures include: canoeing and kayaking, hiking, ziplining, rafting, soaking in hot springs, and more!

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Adventure Days 1

June 7, 2022 - June 24, 2022

Adventure Days 2

July 19, 2022 - August 8, 2022


When you participate at Eagle Mount, you make new strides, happy memories, and good friends while enjoying Montana’s amazing recreation opportunities! Our programs and camps are designed for people of all ages with physical, developmental or cognitive disabilities, and for young people with cancer.


As an Eagle Mount volunteer, you’ll receive training designed to help you improve your own skills and your teaching skills, as well as to help you understand more about disabilities in general, and if applicable, the specific challenges faced by an individual you’ll be working with.


Eagle Mount Bozeman invites annual partnerships and sponsorships from businesses and individuals deeply invested in community, who believe that people with disabilities or cancer deserve to experience all that Montana has to offer, and who want to help them “mount up with wings as eagles.“