Legacy Giving

Legacy Giving
As long as there are people with disabilities, as long as there are children with cancer, as long as the Last, Best Place offers adventure and healing, Eagle Mount needs to be here.

During your lifetime, you’ve decided what’s important to you. You’ve taken a stand for the things you believe in…a stand that says, I believe, I care – this is important to me.

Now you have a chance to influence the future, while providing for your loved ones today.  Including Eagle Mount in your will or your estate plan can help you to achieve your financial goals, while helping to secure a bright, active future for people living with a disability or cancer.

“When we first dreamed of founding a place where people with disabilities could enjoy activities others take for granted, we had no idea how far this vision would take us. Through God’s grace, the hard work of many wonderful people and the generosity of our family of supporters, Eagle Mount has grown to serve thousands of people across Montana and beyond. It has given thousands more the opportunity to share their time, talent and gracious hearts through volunteering.

What we have come to realize is the blessings of Eagle Mount go far beyond the obvious benefits of therapeutic recreation for our participants. Our volunteers, staff members and supporters continually tell us how Eagle Mount has brought joy and positive change to their lives. And, in turn, they share that joy with their friends and family. Like a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripples spread out to places you can’t imagine. We truly feel humble to have been a part of this journey and are excited to see what lies ahead.”

General Robert C. Mathis USAF (Ret)
Greta Gay Mathis
Eagle Mount Founders

Talk with your financial advisor to find out how making a qualified endowment gift could save on your Montana taxes, or how you can derive the tax advantages of planned giving while supporting a cause you truly care about, Eagle Mount.

  • Download these sample materials to help you get started
    • Join the ‘Wings of Eagles’ Legacy Society [Legacy brochure] As you plan for the future, learn how planned giving instruments can help you accomplish your own financial goals and enable you to make a more significant contribution than you might think.
    • Wills and bequests [Bequest PDF]
      The most popular form of legacy giving, a bequest costs you nothing during your lifetime. A simple designation in your will or trust will direct whatever portion of your estate you choose, to Eagle Mount.
    • A pledged bequest (agreement to make a specific bequest) secures your legacy during your lifetime, enabling Eagle Mount to recognize and count on your gift to help secure the future for those we serve.
    • Annuities [Gift Annuity PDF]
      Increase your cash flow with a gift that provides you with guaranteed annuity payments for life. Annuity payments may be several times higher than your current cash return on CD’s or securities

Talk with your financial advisor about how you can take advantage of planned giving benefits to make a gift far more significant than you ever dreamed you could! At the same time, you’ll be taking care of loved ones, achieving higher returns, reducing your estate tax burden, or producing reliable lifetime income.

Eagle Mount participants challenge themselves to accomplish what used to be unthinkable. Now, see how LEGACY GIVING can help you do the same.