Eagle front view
Soren, the Little Eagle Who Could

Montana artist Amber Jean created a bronze just for Eagle Mount…! Inspired by the children she grew to love as an Eagle Mount ski program volunteer, Amber made an irresistible little eaglet ready to take on the world, no matter what.  We named him Soren.  Let his brave little heart lift you up with love, his bold curious spirit spark your desire for adventure, and his lovable soul radiate healing. Limited edition of 100 signed and numbered bronzes.  ALL profits from your purchase will benefit Eaglemount.
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eagle_mount_eaglet_inspire eagle_mount_eaglet_in_car eagle_mount_eaglet_clay_in_hand eagle_mount_eaglet_trees


Meet The Artist: Amber Jean

amber_jean_eagle_mount“Audacious” is the word Joe Godla of the Frick Museum in New York used to describe my work, which is also a rather accurate description of my personality. Selected by WOOD magazine for their short list of “America’s Woodworking Greats” my relationship with wood and life is a venture of passionate intensely inspired exploration. I live a storied life – fueled by adventure both inside and outside the studio. My commute to work is a walk from my cabin through the woods to my studio at the end of the road near the top of a mountain in Montana.
About Amber Jean’s Work
I have experienced spiritual epiphanies in nature-made cathedrals while adventuring and living in the mountains. Moments of soul-bearing insight have come to me bereft of pomp…totally unexpected. I want to share those heart-split-wide-open moments and bring a bit of Mother Nature’s grandeur and grace to people. Trees inspire me. They have innate spirituality and unique personalities that reflect life’s twists and turns. Life is punctuated by tragedy and grace. My creative process embraces the raw dark murky places while offering a spark or glimpse at the “bright light” moments. The latest reliquary series, “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” was created in the aftermath of my father’s death from cancer. I open myself just as I open the trees. The sculptures are born from subconscious and conscious vision, stories, emotions and imagery but live beyond my own experience. My intention is to honor the fortuitous spirit of trees and people as I continue to explore the notion of relics and reliquaries. The result is art with a strong healing component.