Big Sky Kids

Big Sky Kids
We can't cure cancer, but we can sure heal the soul.
  • Why volunteer?
    • Make a genuine difference in the life of a child who has been touched by cancer
    • Help a child experience all the beauty and awe that Montana has to offer
    • Help a family reconnect in the midst of the unbelievable challenges and stressors that come with childhood cancer
    • Refresh your own perspective on life by exposing yourself to the wisdom and compassion of a Big Sky Kid

Big Sky Adventure Camp

This Camp is designed for children with cancer between the ages of 11 and 18 who are accompanied by one parent/guardian. As a volunteer, you would be asked to make a full-time commitment for eleven days, which includes one full day of extensive volunteer staff training and ten days of camp. We are based at the beautiful Buck’s T-4 Lodge in Big Sky where you will stay and most likely have a roommate. These eleven days are incredibly intensive and unbelievably rewarding. You will have the opportunity to celebrate life in Montana with a young person who will open your eyes to a whole new world of appreciation. We seek volunteers who are very energetic, good listeners, and have the passion to help our families embrace and enjoy all that Camp has to offer!

Camp Braveheart

At Camp Braveheart we serve children from 5 to 10 years old who have or have had cancer and their immediate families. We spend five days with them at Hyalite Youth Camp, just 16 miles outside of Bozeman following one full day of staff training. Activities during this Camp include lots of arts and crafts, plenty of games, kayaking on the reservoir, and anything else under the sun we can do to surround our families with warmth, relaxation, and lots of laughter. Considering the dynamic of this particular Camp, we look for volunteers who enjoy and are good at interacting with young children and can also help engage the older siblings and parents in activities. As with all of our Camps, you will need to bring yourself fully fueled with energy, smiles, and determination to make sure these kids have the best experience of their lives!

Professional Volunteer Opportunities

All of our Camps are medically supervised. Although we have extremely dedicated pediatric oncologists, pediatricians, and registered nurses that have served our Camps for many years, we are always interested in hearing from those medical professionals that are interested in helping Big Sky Kids in the future. There is both a doctor and nurse at Big Sky Adventure Camp and Camp Braveheart and either a nurse or paramedic who can accompany us on the Young Adult Retreat. If you are such a person and are interested in volunteering your time and talent, please contact the Eagle Mount office.

We offer many activities that involve being in or surrounded by water during the Big Sky Adventure Camp and Camp Braveheart. This means we are constantly looking for volunteer lifeguards to help us oversee the group. If you are a certified lifeguard and would like to volunteer for the entirety of Camp or, perhaps, only for the water activities, please contact the Eagle Mount office.

If you are a new volunteer, please only complete the New Volunteer Application initially and we will move forward from there. If you are a returning volunteer, please complete the Returning Volunteer Application as well as the Assumption of Risk Form, Health History, and Motor Vehicle Disclosure (if you are 23 or older and have not completed one in the past). An online background check is required for all new volunteers and for returning volunteers every other year.

  • Required Paperwork for Big Sky Kids
    • New Volunteer Application
    • Returning Volunteer Application
    • Assumption of Risk Form
    • Health History
    • Motor vehicle disclosure (23 and older)
    • Background check website: